Andy Bennett

Andy trained as an Electronic and Electrical Engineer and has a background in consumer electronics, FPGAs, operating systems and device drivers. For the last 10 years he has been building companies around distributed database technology.

He is a founder of Register Dynamics, who help companies and governments apply their data usefully, responsibly and ethically.

Andy is a technologist that likes to inhabit the void between users, software and the hardware that it all runs on. His love of ceramic taps is well-documented. Talk with him on Twitter @RegDyn.

Registers are everybody's business

Building useful things requires useful data. Data that remains locked behind propietary APIs in outdated formats and can’t be automatically kept up-to-date makes building next generation services tricky, error prone and time consuming. This blog post discusses some of the issues through the lens of creating a list of businesses in the UK and proposes a solution that allows data to flow more freely whilst offering far stronger accountability than today’s data sources.